Own project office allows you to solve the problems of tanks design. The enterprise cooperates with the leading project institutes of the country. Design and construction of metal structures are carried out taking into account the specifics of production, in accordance with normative and regulatory documents and requirements of customer’s country. Along with the design of tank metal structures, the projects of heating, irrigation and fire extinguishing systems are being developed.

 In recent years, the need for metal structures of tanks with additional equipment has increased. At the request of the customer, metal structures are equipped with a complete set of attachments, measuring devices  with thermic cover, insulating mats.

Impeccable product quality and reasonable prices made the Samara Tank Plant an advantageous partner for many Russian and foreign customers. The partners of the Samara Tank Plant are the largest oil-producing, oil refining Russian and international companies. The policy aims to supply competitive products that meet the requirements of Russian and international quality standards.

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