VST production by roll method

"Samara tank factory " has a mechanized mill with a lower folding scheme of the panels, where when folding a roll, the web is bent only once, unlike the upper folding scheme, when the panel is bent twice. This eliminates the alternating stresses in the manufacture of panels.
The main advantages of the roll method of manufacturing tanks are a reduction in the amount of welding work on the installation site by 80%, high quality of welds provided by double-sided welding at the factory, and a reduction in the installation time by 3-4 times compared to the manufacturing method.
Installation of tanks by the method of roll-up is carried out in the following order. Unfolded, welded bottom elements, and then the elements of the pontoon. The first roll of the tank wall rises to the vertical position. On the bottom are installed support posts. During the unfolding of the tank wall, peripheral shields are mounted. After the deployment of the first roll of the tank wall is completed, the released rack is installed in the center of the tank. The central panels are mounted. The second roll is raised and the assembly seam of the case is assembled. The rest of the racks are installed and all the central panels are mounted. The second roll of the tank wall is unfolded, the remaining elements of the pontoons and shields of coatings are mounted, etc. Manufacture and installation of metal structures by the method of roll-up is preceded by painstaking working out of all questions connected with application of the method of roll-up. Based on the installation requirements, the order of folding of the rolled elements is outlined. The weight of each element is then calculated and the number of rolls for the tank designs determined, taking into account the carrying capacity of the railway platforms.

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