Manufacture of RVS by the sheet assembling method

"Samara tank factory" has the necessary technological equipment for manufacturing tanks by the method of sheet assembly. Polystyrene assembly is used for tanks with a lower wall thickness of the wall of more than 18 mm, as well as, at the request of the Customer, for tanks of all sizes, for the manufacture of high-capacity tanks and in the absence of space on the construction site. For the walls of a sheet assembly, rolling is used in widths from 1.8 m to 3 m and up to 12 m in length. The edges of the sheets are machined (milled) or plasma cut by machines with software control. Rolling of sheets is carried out on 3 and 4 roll bending machines. The basis of the method of sheet assembly is to give all the details of metal structures in the process of their processing, and then when assembling those shapes and configurations, which these parts should have in the finished structure. In the manufacture of steel structures of tanks by the method of sheet assembling, separate sheets are rolled for installation, rolled in accordance with the design radius.
The definition of the most effective steel structures of tanks depends on the economics of metal costs and the cost of production and installation.

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