About company

«Samara tank factory» is one of the largest company in Russia for the production of steel tanks.

The design capacity of the plant is more than 30,000 tons of metal structures per year.

Many years of experience and modern production make it possible for «Samara tank factory» to work stably in a highly competitive environment, providing timely customers with metal structures tanks, and constantly expanding the range of services provided.  

«Samara tank factory» is equipped with modern high-performance equipment, which is necessary for the production of tanks both by coiling and by the method of sheet assembling.

The own design bureau gives the opportunity to solve the tasks of tanks design.

The company cooperates with the leading design institutes of the country.

Design and construction of metal structures are carried out taking into account the specifics of production, in accordance with regulatory documents and requirements of the customer country.

Along with the design of steel tanks structures, in the «STP» are being developed systems for heating, irrigation and fire extinguishing.

In recent years the need to supply steel structures of tanks with additional equipment has increased.

At the request of the customer metal structures are equipped with a complete set of attachments, control instrumentation with thermo covers, insulation mats.

Impeccable product quality and reasonable prices made the Samara tank plant an advantageous partner for many Russian and foreign customers.

The partners of STP are the largest oil-producing, oil-refining Russian and international companies.

Convenient geographical position of the plant allows in the shortest time to deliver products to any point of the country, near and far abroad.

Delivery is carried out by rail, road, sea, river and combined modes of transport.

The policy of «STP» is aimed at ensuring the supply of competitive products that meet the requirements of Russian and international quality standards.

The quality system of the Samara tank plant products is certified in accordance with the requirements of the international standards ISO 9001: 2008, API Q1 and ISO / TS 29001 American Oil institute API, which guarantees the production of high quality products at all levels of the technological cycle.

The reliability and safety of the products is also confirmed by the Permit to apply No. РРС 00-36266, issued by the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision, and also by the certificate of conformity № РОСС RU.АГ39.Н00912.

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